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When We Buy Bamboo Floorings, We Should Notice These Things
When purchasing bamboo flooring materials there are a number of things you have to account for. You will need to decide on the size, color, and style of the planks as well as the installation method. There are also several important questions which you should ask the dealer or retailer before you make a decision.


Bamboo Floor Cost 

Bamboo flooring is a relatively economical material, with the price per square foot ranging depending on a variety of characteristics.



Because it is still a fairly new floor covering, there is no standard grading system which can be used to rate the quality of bamboo materials. Many dealers will group their products into grade A and grade B lots but those are arbitrary divisions.Because of this you need to find a reputable dealer that will be able to deliver high quality materials from reliable sources. You should also try to avoid bargain basement bamboo outlets that may be selling low quality materials at what seem to be unbelievably low prices.


Warranty: Most reputable dealers will offer a warranty with the purchase of flooring material. With bamboo this is usually a structural integrity warranty that covers the physical strength of the floor. With pre-finished flooring you may also be able to get a surface warranty.Generally higher quality bamboo flooring will come with a longer and more extensive warranty. Average residential structural warranties will range from 10-25 years, with finish warranties usually extending for 5-10 years.