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A while ago, we introduced a new patented product - muti-ply hybrid flooring(WPC composite core with the real hardwood top-layer). Here we’d like to recommend our another innovative waterproof REAL hardwood flooring which is made from SPC composite with real wood. As to the surface, it can be customized with the OAK or Australian gum.It is an upgrade and improvement of regular SPC, the main structure of this multi-ply hybrid flooring are real timber top-layer, SPC composite core and EVA bottom layer which combined strongly by a special patent glue to provide us a very stable flooring. 


Consumers want more and more from their floors - durable, beautiful and low-maintenance... but waterproof ? As we well known, wood and water don’t mix, so the only option for homeowners demanding waterproof flooring has been some laminate, LVT, SPC or WPC products. BOYUAN wants to give real wood a fighting chance. So we strive to provide a new grade of waterproof flooring, real hardwood being warm underfoot,and an undeniable classic.

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Also, as you look at where the industry is going, you see waterproof or water-resistant products have a wider application, whether it’s someone in a high-rise or in a single-family home.Our this waterproof REAL hardwood flooring handles every water challenge with style, adding great warmth and an actual hardwood texture under your feet. Bring the beauty of natural hardwood to any room in your home or business, kitchens, laundry rooms, basement, spas, lobbies and beyond - no area is off limits. 

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In Multi-ply Hybrid flooring, we have been developed and refined for North American market and comes in several impressive series. Boyuan’s available range is with 2 different solid timber top-layer (Oak and Australian Gum) and two different SPC thicknesses(4mm and 5.5mm). This luxury waterproof REAL hardwood flooring is available in more than 16 colors to cover your design and functional needs. 

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It’s formaldehyde free, completely safe flooring covering materials for both residential and public environment.