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What is exactly Multi-ply Hybrid flooring?

It belongs to the newest category of flooring products which is made out of rigid composite core and the REAL hardwood top-layer. This latest item is a 71/2-inch-wide timber veneer finished with eight coats of aluminum oxide. The veneer is attached to a patented manufactured core derived from PVC composite. The core features hollow channels which run the length of board. As a result, it possesses the good sound-proof property when walking on.


It not only brings the beauty of nature to anywhere, but also is recommended to use in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and spas, and any place where engineered wood flooring can be stalled.

Multi-ply Hybrid flooring combines the waterproof of vinyl, the durability of laminate and the stunning feel of timber, making it the perfect flooring for every style. 

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Take laminate flooring for example. Customers are attracted to its durability and ease of installation, but not suitable for wet environment. Multi-ply Hybrid flooring can solve your worries.

Another popular flooring is LVT. Even though LVT is a fantastic product, what we are seeing in some instances is that when LVT is installed in either very hot or very cold situations, the product tends to expand in the heat and shrink in the cold. This creates issues in these projects and the new flooring is unprotected from the heat and the cold.

When producing Multi-ply Hybrid flooring core we don’t need flexibility, so by not adding the plasticizer, we also reduce the propensity for expansion and contraction. The rigidity of the core is the key to its impressive locking strength. This means the joining system are far less likely to fail when compared with other products.

This innovative waterproof REAL hardwood flooring is available in more than 10 colours to cover your design and using needs. More details offered once getting your feedback.